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This wiki was created with the purpose of collecting and organizing knowledge falling under the broad umbrella of "management". As the name suggests, this will inevitably include disciplines taught in business school (e.g. accounting, marketing, sales, human resources, and so on). In addition, we wish to situate the practice of management in the context of a broader scholarship, examining how psychology, political science, history, language and other academic fields influence the understanding of management.

MyOpenMBA does not seek to replicate Wikipedia, Investopedia, or any of the countless other sources of encyclopedic information available online. This wiki strives to create a space that sparks an interest in the novice student, and where anyone can work towards a self-study MBA. Each topic page here will consist of a brief description and definition, as well as a list of resources for further study, a list of study questions, as well as a list of open questions for the community.

Think of MyOpenMBA not as an encyclopedia, but as a massively-collaborative set of course notes.

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